Casting list

Don - Baritone

Mid-30s. Very good looking. Club owner. Charming. Gay and totally without hang ups about that. Enjoys the frisson of being outside conventional heterosexuality: it gives him the freedom to do what he wants. He enjoys the fact that many people condemn him because he enjoys saying ‘fuck you’ to society. He also enjoys the knowledge that a lot of straight men are deeply envious of his sexual lifestyle. He thinks being gay is pretty much a win:win situation. Don is dressed in labels from head to toe. Always in a suit (not Saville Row traditional: designer/Zoot, etc.) Superb salesmen of goods/services and himself. Working class, small town background – but ‘escaped’ this to go to art school in the city. The education gave him access to people of all classes and this, plus his natural charisma and attraction, means he moves freely between people from a range of backgrounds. An entrepreneur by nature and attuned to the financial and wheeler-dealing side of club land not just the music and style for the sake of music and style. His choice of career gives him a degree of notoriety/fame which he enjoys; access to beautiful people; access to drugs; a good income; invitations to parties and events. Don enjoys his life and it’s partly this obvious enjoyment that others find attractive. He comes across as totally sincere when he is with people: even if he is actually lying through his teeth. He enjoys the thrill of living on the edge of discovery/reveal. But there is also part of him that truly, sincerely believes he is giving others the best time they have ever had: how can that be so bad? Isn’t a moment with his brilliance worth more than a lifetime with another’s mediocrity?

Leonora (Leo) - Mezzo Soprano

Mid-20s. Don’s PA. Young; ambitious; dynamic. Suburban working class background (Croydon/Romford/Slough/Finchley) but with decent higher education (somewhere with an alternative edge like Brighton) and aspirational. One of the media street urchins: flight jacket, rucksack, jeans, DMs. She has always been very interested in music and was always at gigs and clubbed her way through college. Leonora is astute about people and very clear-eyed about her own position and where she wants to be in the future: promoting bands and club nights. Her professional ambition is partly why she sticks with Don even though she doesn’t approve of his personal behaviour. But, as with others, she also stays in his employ because she finds him charming, exciting company. She is not very sympathetic towards the men who Don has hurt: thinking they should have been more perceptive and stronger. In effect, Leo has a tendency to blame the victims – which is one reason she can function as Don’s PA. Leo has little time for other women; preferring the company of men. Currently has no time for a personal life beyond casual flirting with handsome blokes. Beneath the ‘alternative’exterior there is a ruthless, capitalist business women, covering her own back as much as she protects Don.

Eddie - tenor

Early-30s. Financial advisor. Tory gay. Well paid City job but not a trader or one of the top people. Nice, safe background from one of the classier suburbs – Surrey/Berkshire/Hertfordshire. Sensible degree from solid red-brick (Leeds, Manchester.) But being gay has made him feel (and he is in fact treated by some others as) an outsider. Also, Eddie has been rejected by his family because of his sexual choice. This is partly why he is resentful of the posher boys above him in the City – and the Essex wide boys – who he thinks he’s better than. Both upper and lower classes are more accepting of queer kids: being in the middle has helped shape Eddie’s bitterness. Eddie’s attraction to Don is not just Don’s physical attractiveness and sexual charisma (which is no small part) but feeling he could become part of an inner circle; one of the in-crowd. He knows Don’s own background is small town, but he sees that Don has managed to find a really powerful place in London. Eddie’s rejection by Don, therefore, has social as well as emotional qualities. Currently single after a three-week affair with the Don. Eddie has never had a relationship that has lasted more than six weeks and being over-30 he finds this worrying.

Alan - tenor

Mid-20s. Mayfair. Well posh and monied and from educated family. But not Oxbridge (as family expected) because he’s not the brightest spark. Supported by parents and still lives at home (it’s a big house). Alan has A-levels in Art History and English and now works in a gallery run by a friend of his mother’s. He is cute and attractive and this overcomes a lack of academic background with potential clients. Alan came out in his late-teens after a series of failed girlfriends through the ages of 14-19. His family accept it: his father sighing that it’s just another disappointment but his mother is very protective: she worries that he will be a target for people who want access to Alan’s wealth and connections. And she would be right to worry because Alan is naïve and too trusting of other people. Currently single – but is always in the company of his best friend, Olivia. They have known each other since the age of 16 (when his previously boys-only school sixth form accepted girls). They had a sexual fumble at 16 but are both relieved that’s all in the past because they think that they will be much closer as friends than they would ever be as lovers.

Olivia - Soprano

Mid-20s. Mayfair. As with Alan, upper-class and monied, educated background. Because Olivia is a woman, she didn’t have as much familial pressure to go into higher education. She managed a haul of decent A-Levels, however, and with some family help is working in PR for a company of interior designers. She is fiercely protective of Alan. She has put her own emotional life on hold while supporting her friend.

Zac - tenor

Early-20s. Born and lives in Milton Keynes. Has a regular office job for a bank – he’s been there since leaving school at 16. Fits in well: liked by all his fellow workers at all levels. Been going out with Marina since they were 14. Zac just assumes that he and Marina will be together forever: as his parents and friends have expected since they got together in school. In that sense he is sure of himself, his (hetero)sexuality and his love for Marina. They have just got engaged: although the wedding is not yet planned. They are currently ‘saving up’. Zac still lives at home with his Mum, Dad and adored younger sister. Zac goes with Marina to clubs and bars she’s read about in magazines because that’s what you do when you go out with a woman like Marina. The nightclub equivalent of sitting outside changing rooms in shops: the lot of a man. He does go to football matches: West Ham/Tottenham rather than Arsenal. He is a bit of a lad: but not the overtly-bragging type; he’s not the head honcho in a gang but one of the players. But he has seen real movers and shakers in the office with their stories of fast living; has been to clubs and seen flash guys with classy women; has looked at footballers living the high life with model girlfriends: there are some days when he’s reading The Daily Mirror and wonders ‘what if…’ He has, also, looked at some of the footballers themselves and thought ‘there’s a good looking bloke’ but hasn’t thought what this might mean – mainly because there are no gays in his world: in his world gay men are all supposed to be limp wrested queens.

Marina - Mezzo Soprano

Early-20s. Born and lives in Milton Keynes. She works in a small boutique selling women’s clothes and accessories. She likes to think she is one of the more fashion conscious people in the Milton Keynes’ shopping centre. She’s the assistant manager and good at her job. Marina reads all the fashion magazines, even the more alternative ones that she doesn’t quite understand, because she yearns to live the big, glossy, glamorous London life that is so tantalising close – not even an hour’s train ride away! – but so distant. She is devoted to Zac and has already planned their life together in complete detail: the house, the number of children (two), the holidays, the villa in Spain... Marina is capable of having two dreams and ambitions running consecutively in her head at all times: the glamorous high life and the life with Zac. On the surface she is a strong, independent, capable young woman and in many ways she is – but, profoundly, she baulks at making a real leap into the unknown. She won’t risk the safety of her life in MK to take that short train ride on a one way ticket…

Petra - Mezzo Soprano

Late-40s/Early-50s. Mayfair. Born into and used to money. Big in charity, though, and considers herself to be tough but caring. Her family is highly educated, with a Bohemian edge. She’s not at all fazed, therefore, by Alan being gay – that’s never stopped anyone of her class getting on or, even, getting married and having a family. It’s not ideal, of course, but you make the most of your lot. And, an upside means that Petra knows she will always remain the most important person in Alan’s life. (Olivia is important but Petra is family and that’s a trump card.) Petra has seen her wider family through episodes of drugs, suicide and alcohol-dependency: and proud that it has always remained a private affair. She always looks immaculate when in London – although, of course, roughs up in a classy way for weekends in the country. A strong woman but still holds onto some of the more old-fashioned social conventions like being introduced with her husband’s name. (e.g. in ‘Tatler’ she is referred to as Mrs Dominic Gray not Mrs Petra Gray).

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