Merry Christmas from Team Don...


Merry Christmas one and all...

Here’s to a wonderful,

happy and hopeful Christmas time.

We hope you’ve all had a good autumn with Halloween and Guy Fawkes night were cracking for you too… 

We are very pleased to say that we have formed a great working link with Make A Difference Trust.

They help aids victims and those with chronic illness's who have a background in theatre and the West End... Here at Team Don we are working to find funding and backing for the opera which will pay back to the MAD trust. They are currently pulling all the stops for world aids day with bucket collections at theatres and tube stations around London. So if you see them about do give them your support.

Our Website is having a few updates done to it, with a revamped Fun Page and updates all over. We are also putting up two new clips from the show.

Leo’s  catalogue aria with some ‘added’ footage to cover a couple of blank spots in the original shoot near the beginning of the song. It got a great response in the show and hope you enjoy it here. We’ve also added the words so you read them too and get the full effect of Ranjit’s very witty adaptation.  

LEO    Ed-die do you know how ma-ny peo-ple Don has fucked? And fucked ov-er. At the last count?

EDDIE  I don't know. I nev-er gave it a-ny thought. What? Where...? The fuck-ing bas-tard.

LEO    But it's a fair few, would-n't you think?

EDDIE  I sup-pose so.

LEO    List-en Edd-ie, I have drawn up this list here

And I'm not talk-ing mere-ly the gist here

Not a shag he has had has been missed here

Take a look now and read it with me

Take a look now and read it with me...

Clap-ham Com-mon: five hun-dred and sev-en

Hamp-stead Heath: six hun-dred and el-ev-en

Hun-dreds more in the toi-lets at Hea-ven

But in his bed-room, in his bed-room: a thous-and and three! Yep, no shit! Look at it!

Bank-ers, beg-gars, los-ers, winn-ers

All sup-ply this prince of sinn-ers

He has no time for the lad-ies

Takes the back door in-to Had-es

A-ny size or shape or shade In-dis-crim-i-nate-ly laid!

He needs a lock On his cock!

Clap-ham Com-mon: five hun-dred and sev-en

Hamp-stead Heath: six hun-dred and el-ev-en

Hun-dreds more in the toi-lets at Hea-ven

But, but, but in his bed-room, In his bed-room: a thous-and and three!

Yep, no shit! Look at it!

Peo-ple fall for this sed-uc-er

Just like fruit in-to a juic-er

Those who call up-on this lech-er

Will be brought out on a stretch-er

He's a man-i-ac, a mon-ster, you should stay out of his way

Live to love a-noth-er day And stay right out of his way!

 Exit Leo…

EDDIE  I feel so stu-pid. And used. The fuck-er. I'll pay him back some-how. To-night. Be-fore he fucks off some-where else. Before he fucks some-bod-y else. Bas-tard.

Secondly there is another famous Mozart aria in – Deh vieni alla finestra! – the romantic ballad sung by the Don. It was a real boon finding out that Duncan could play the guitar and it was great fun in rehearsal finding the way of getting the guitar to the Don for him to play it…. Hence the embankment tramp we had at the top of act 2…. There is a brief loss of footage towards the end of song which we have covered with a couple of atmospheric looks at the ghost of Petra… Words have been added here too.

Don picks up the homeless man’s guitar after putting some coins in his cup….and starts to play….

DON   That I'm a ruth-less bas-tard

There's no de-ny-ing

I've giv-en with-out try-ing

So much sor-row and pain

It's true, but there a-gain

I've giv-en plea-sure aswell

In full and e-qual mea-sure

Is that too boast-ful a claim?

I've bro-ken hearts a-plen-ty

What ha-voc I've wrought!

And done it all for sport

Sex is my beau-ti-ful game!

Such pain was ne-ver my aim

I long to please and de-light

I may some-times not get it right

But am I real-ly to blame?

Duncan is currently appearing in Carmen at the Coliseum and will be dashing off to Scottish Opera for a highland tour early next year and then straight over to Paris in March to play Billy in Carousel. The French are in for a wonderful surprise. Duncan appears in this year’s Barihunks calendar with pictures from our press department. All proceeds are for charity so go have a look….


Ranjit Bolt had a great success with Cyrano de Bergerac in New York which Douglas Hodge directed. His veerse novel Losing It has a dramatized reading at Daunt Books, South End Green at the end of last month as it is re-launched. It is a very interesting take on a old story… check it out by clicking the image below:


“Written in rhyming couplets 'Losing It' is the story of Lucy , a luscious young virgin who goes to London to try losing her virginity”.


So here’s to you having a great Christmas and New Year…. Party hard for happy times ahead!!...

Our next newsletter will be well into next year…. More then….

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23 Dec, 2011
- In the Summer of 2009 we performed the final scene of Act 1 to critical acclaim on the main stage at Trafalgar Square for Pride. Ranjit Bolt translated the libretto, Roland Lee handled the arrangements (and Vince Clarke of pop legends Erasure adapted the ballroom scene minuet as a fantastic club tune.)

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