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Comments of first Nighters

"Don Giovanni The Opera was excellent! A good twist of the classic opera, reinvented for the 21st century. The orchestra was fabulous and the leading actor, Duncan Rock, plays the lecherous villain Don fantastically!"

"The show was fun with nice music and lots of surprises, we enjoyed it. The performers interacted with the audience well on numerous occasions which seemed very dynamic. The orchestra were great, coordinated and structured which contrasted with the spontaneity of the performers well. I thought the re-theming of the story and central character as a predatory, gay 1980's nightclub owner was intended for a very specific audience. For members of the target demographic, the show might be more emotive and meaningful, for us it just fun and a laugh really..."

"Having never been to the opera before I felt that this was the perfect way to experience Mozart's work. I had no idea what to expect with it being held in a nightclub however it took me by surprise and I found the show intriguing, funny and unusual. The performance was clever and the different parts to the set meant that it involved the audience. Don Giovanni's character was fantastic as he had an extremely powerful voice and his playboy mannerisms had the audience laughing on several occasions..."

"Don Giovanni at heaven, redefines what being in the first row feels like. The fact that throughout the play, the stage changed location and all characters moved from side to side within the crowd, made the show appealing and unique. The orchestra was amazing from start to finish and being so close to the action made the audience appreciate the live orchestra and their participation in the story."

"This was fantastic!!

Right from the second I arrived, the sense of intrigue of just how this classic was going to be reworked to suit its 'unusual' surroundings complete with 80's backdrop created a real buzz. The opening scene was funny, shocking and brilliantly set the score for what then followed to be a superb reworking of this production. Lyrics were sharp and funny, and the performers were spot on and projected a real sense of the underlying passion that they had for our new hateful yet totally desirable Don. Following the actors round the Venue gave a sense of realism that added drama to the story, the music which was beautifully created by the Orchestra absolutely enabled the lyrics to work even with their somewhat updated content. The performers all did a great job, even wandering through the Venue during the interval - creating further realism, and taking the formality out of this essentially brilliant opera, making it a relevant and current piece but retaining the beauty of Mozart's idea and music!!

A must see … !!!!!"

"I've never been to a live opera before. I've never even liked opera! But I came away from my first experience with a new-found appreciation for the genre. Strip away the Italian, the old fashioned storylines, the out-of-date morals, the clichéd acting, the flamboyant fashion… and you're left with what I believe opera would be like if it had been conceived in the 1980s."

"The libretto is English, the humour is modern and witty, the acting is such that you can actually associate with the emotions, the language is real, the venue is gritty and intimate. And, of course, the gender swap of everybody other than Don (and the resulting sexuality swap) only serves to sever any remaining ties to the "old fashioned" opera."

"The show is performed on 5 stages (one at the end of the room, a couple of small platforms in the middle, and two at the side) and on a balcony. The audience stand, and the cast push through the audience to move around the set. This works really well – you feel part of the action and it keeps you interested. Don was brilliant."

"They had a great idea that it would be a "roaming" performance, where the audience follow the action around the room… But that doesn't really work in practice (too many people!). But it doesn't matter, you can still keep up with what's going on..."

"...In summary, a brilliant experience, both for me as a newbie and my friend who already likes opera (lots of laughter when the well-known arias were set to … "unconventional"… words!). I will now go and see a more traditional opera for comparison, but I doubt I will enjoy it as much!"

"This was an excellent performance from start to finish. While not a staunch fan of opera, this fantastic fusion of traditional storytelling with contemporary themes and vocals mixed with elements of modern theatre entertained from start to finish.

Well worth seeing, five stars."


Gala Night 16th April 2012

Press Night for Don Giovanni - With a wonderful turn out of press and punters there was a great buzz in Heaven last night.... and the show went well up until the end, when we had a bit of a glitch with a technical gremlin gnawing into the sound desk computer... this meant we ended up with the wrong bit of Mrs T's speech, which was a shame as this would have made it clearer that our Don is consigned to abandonment and loneliness on the state.... It'll all be sorted for this coming Sunday!...


Introducing the orchestra

Our Orchestra members; lively, friendly & innovative.

Player Instruments

Debra White

1st Violin (Leader)

Annmarie McDade

1st Violin

Pippa Harris

2nd Violin

Joanna Lee

2nd Violin

Fiona Griffith


Ben Davies


Jan Zahourek

Double Bass

Jeremy Polmear


Wes Duggan


Stephen Maw Bassoon

Preview photos

A few teaser pictures of the show...


Remember, shows start from next Sunday! There’s a few tickets remaining for our Gala Celebrity Night on Monday 16th April, so if you haven’t purchased already, get your orders in quick!


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23 Dec, 2011
- In the Summer of 2009 we performed the final scene of Act 1 to critical acclaim on the main stage at Trafalgar Square for Pride. Ranjit Bolt translated the libretto, Roland Lee handled the arrangements (and Vince Clarke of pop legends Erasure adapted the ballroom scene minuet as a fantastic club tune.)

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