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Be a Backer of Don Giovanni The Opera. Being part of the investment structure of a new show is challenging. The excitement of backing a show has an inherent risk but can be very rewarding in many different ways. We are looking for backers who would be interested in being part of the development of this Opera as we look to stage the show here in the UK and also abroad. We are organizing any financial commitment in the show into a proposal and budget that has a realistic and rewarding structure. We will only ask for commitment from backers once we have generated sufficient interest in the capitalization for the show to go ahead. If you would like to part of this process and would like more information please do get in touch…..

  Richard Crichton - Producer 0793 2733304

       Email: richard@dongiovannitheopera.com



Be a Performer. Send in your details if you would like us to hold them on file for any future casting or any other role in the production. So if you fancy yourself as Don, Alan, Leonora, or Lighting operator we will consider those people who have sent in there details here first…. By sending in your details you will be added to our mailing list and receive our newsletter where will announce any casting first….

  Email: casting@dongiovannitheopera.com



Be a Sponsor. Here at Team Don… we are really keen to work with companies and corporate entities in a very positive way. We are keen to form strong and beneficial relationships in many ways including the traditional use of banners and logos in our publicity and website as well as nurturing inter-corporate relationships. We are also keen to involve our sponsors with product placement within the shows design and production. We are particularly keen to work with high street names that will fit in with our take of the 1980’s…. and we are always open to new ideas…..
If you would like to discuss any options or ideas any further please contact:

  Email: richard@dongiovannitheopera.com


For more information contact our PR lady or our producer at:

  Chloé Nelkin - PR Manager 07764 273 219

          Email: chloe@chloenelkinconsulting.com

          Web: www.chloenelkinconsulting.com

  Richard Crichton - Producer 0793 2733304

       Email: richard@dongiovannitheopera.com



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